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Jun 28 12 12:20 PM

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Just announced. New Modbook Pro coming in fall of 2012. Go to for details.
This is a thing of beauty.

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Aug 8 12 3:37 PM

It is a thing of beauty — ephemeral things often are.

Remember the Modbook rule: The actual ship date follows the first announced ship date by at least one year, so, optimistically, figure fall 2013.

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Sep 28 12 4:15 PM

Just got an email saying the Pro will be available next week... the link is not working for me right now...


 Today we announced the 13.3-inch Modbook Pro pen tablet computer will ship with an all-solid-state drive (SSD) architecture. This will add to its already significant performance edge.


And there's more news: you will be able to order the Modbook Pro starting next week!

Learn more about the Modbook Pro's all-SSD architecture and next week's Modbook Pro orders by clicking here.
The Modbook Team

link here:

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