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Jun 18 12 6:11 AM

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I'm at my wits end trying to get modbook system status lights to come on using battery power only.
Everything works perfect when AC is connected. All lights work, OS boots up and runs perfectetooth and and charges battery. When I unplug AC System lights turn off and unable to use any of the Axiotrons features. The OS still works properly  with USB keyboard and battery discharges properly as it should.
I have done many fresh installs with different OS's (10.5, 10.6, 10.7) and all yield exact same results. I have tried holding down mod reset button for over 5 minutes, turned off bluetooth and still nothing when just using battery. I have even tried different batteries. Like I said, works perfect with AC. With battery everything works as should except for tablet features (pen and software, and system lights).
Please, does anyone have a clue to what could be wrong?

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Jun 26 12 6:13 PM

Just to let everyone know that with Larrys' help from we decided to replace the power strip cable that connects the battery, AC and digitizer together. Once I replaced that everything started working again on using just battery. I now have all the lights along with digitizer.
If anyone needs their Modbook repaired emacservices is the place . There is now somewhere for broken Modbooks to go to get repaired. They also have downloads available for the Axiotron Software and Pen/Tablet Drivers on their website.

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