Mar 24 12 4:36 PM

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Hello all!

I'm looking for a shop in Canada with a proven track record for repairing the Modbook DJC.  My Jumping Cursor has returned with a vengeance, despite my best efforts to shield the internals.  At this point I suspect that there is a loose connection somewhere... but I don't want to fight with it anymore- I just want it fixed. 

Has anyone in the group had success with a shop?  I have gotten by using the modbook essentially as a second monitor, but I'm finishing school shortly and want to return to drawing, which was a big part of the reason I bought the Modbook in the first place.  The DJC is so bad it is unusable unless I disable the digitizer.

Any help would be appreciated.  I'd be interested in prices and your experience with the shop you used.

Many thanks,