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Jul 16 11 11:20 AM

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Thought I would pass this along in case anyone needs a good repair site for Modbooks:

Got this from OWC, so I believe it to be reputable.  I'm sending mine in for shielding installation to remedy the DJC issue.

I'll report my experience after completion.

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#2 [url]

Nov 6 11 8:07 PM

Problem solved!  These guys did a great job for me.  Call them and discuss you particular issue with them.  I found them very helpful and reasonable for the repair.   If you remove the battery from your device, there should be a tag inside that tells where your Modbook was built.  If it was OWC, call them as well.  They may assist with your issue.  I found them helpful as well.


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Apr 24 13 1:52 PM

I think might be the site he is thinking of. I am planning to call them tomorrow to see how much a DJC repair will cost. I had a real bad outbreak of DJC today while trying to type a copyright notice on a comic I drew today. Couldn't even type one character without the cursor opening the apple menu. I gave up and came online to figure out how to fix this. I hope EC Mac Repair won't charge an arm and a leg, but I REALLY want this cursor problem to go away.

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May 1 13 2:03 PM

They are great!.... and reasonable . Larry is the best ,I am on my second modbook and they have saved me many times

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