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Jun 3 11 11:49 AM

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Hey all,

I was hoping that someone has a script to toggle the digitizer.  I would REALLY appreciate any help with this.

Lately I am barely ever using the modbook with the stylus.  It has been incredibly useful for me though lately as a second monitor and server for a mobile office.  I'm doing a lot of web-design lately, and most of my meetings with clients have taken place in restaurants (almost all of my clients are small or home businesses, and these people seem to like to meet over lunch.)  This allows me to have everything with me in terms of a huge library of graphics, examples, etc... as well as my SVK and Apache server for testing, and I can mirror the screen to show clients ideas and progress without having them look over my shoulder.  For a mobile office, this thing is amazing!

However, I still have the (very occasional) problem with DJC.  I use the Teleport app to control the modbook about 90% of the time, and Airmouse from my iphone about 9%... I almost never use the pen.

So, today I had a couple of jumps and started thinking of other ways to deal with DJC, and suddenly thought... "Why do I even have the digitizer on?" I would still use it on a rare occasion, and ultimately, a physical switch would have been better... but a toggle script seems like the best compromise.

Unfortunately I have no idea how to make one!! LOL.  Any help?

SOOOO... any help?

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Jul 16 11 11:26 AM

I had the same question.  Suggested to me was to delete the Pen Tablet from the Apple Systems Preferences, then restart your Modbook.  The Pen Tablet can be reinstalled from the Axiotron web site if you need it again.

Go to System Preferences
Right click on the Pen Tablet icon (command, click)
Choose Remove
Restart the Modbook

The driver you need to reinstall is V 5.0.8

Good Luck!

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Jul 13 12 1:14 PM

I just posted a guide to my modbook setup.   I use applescript to disable and re-enable the pen and use remote buddy and the apple IR remote to run either script.  I also use sleep watcher to automatically disable the pen when going to sleep and re-enable it when waking up.  You can find it by following this link (which is a tiny url preview so you  can see where you are going.)  

Here is the link:

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