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Feb 24 11 9:25 AM

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HI There,

Some time ago, I  asked a question about recording discussions, lectures, and meetings, and I received a good suggestion. Now, I am looking for an unobtrusive microphone to attach to my Modbook so that I can actually record something and be able to hear it. The built-in microphone is only good if the speaker is within a few feet of the machine. I need something that is more capable than that but not bulky or distracting.

Any thoughts?

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Mar 10 11 6:11 AM

We have used RevoLabs xTag for a number of years and have had good experience with them. The base unit plugs into a USB port, and the microphone itself can just clip onto a shirt front, or similar. There is no transmitter unit to clip onto a belt, as there is with many wireless microphones, it is all contained in the microphone itself. It allows complete freedom of movement around the classroom, and it is easily set up from the Preferences:Sound menu.

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Mar 10 11 9:49 AM

Those mics look sweet.  I'm certainly getting one! 

I am also looking for mics that would suit two other situations... I need one for recording professor lectures (as a student) and another for recording seminars.

The one for recording lectures seems to be difficult- it needs to be unobtrusive, and should have a half decent range- as I am sometimes as much as five rows away from the prof.  It also needs to be directional as my fellow students are constantly jabbering.

For the seminars I was thinking about something like this, though i would likely need at least 2, so the price is a little steep.

Any ideas?

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Mar 23 11 5:55 AM

Thank you for considering Philips Speech Processing for recording webinars. Based on how you will be using this recorder – we think that our Voice Tracer Meeting Recorder ( would be a great fit for you. If you need more information please fill out our contact form at and we will be happy to provide you with further details.

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