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Dec 30 10 11:08 AM

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I was wondering if anyone got this sort of problem with their modbook.

I was digitally painting one day and then all of a sudden the screen went black. The blue lights were still on and i can hear the hard drive and fan still going but no image was displaying.

I hard booted numerous times with no luck.

I brought it to the mac store and they said that it might be the inverter.

i don't believe that i still have warranty.

Any suggestions before i crack it open and see if i can fix it myself. otherwise it will cost me about 130 to get it fixed at a local shop .

thanks jack

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Jan 25 11 8:25 AM

Hi Jack, I have this too and I have found that by putting the screen under a light I can open the display preferences and then by sliding the brightness setting all the way to the left and back again, hey presto the screen comes back on. There may be a way to do this with an external keyboard but I haven't tried yet.

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