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Dec 16 10 5:10 PM

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Yesterday I began having an issue with my Quickclicks software. I was using Photoshop CS3 and processing some RAW files from a camera. As I worked I noticed my Quickclicks stopped responding properly to the stylus clicker assigned to make the keyboard appear/hide.  When using Firefox, if I clicked the assigned keyboard button instead of my keyboard appearing/hiding it would give me a quick scroll option (so if I just swept the stylus up/down it would scroll the webpage).  My right-click button continues to work fine. I tried to reset the stylus and the keyboard problem persisted. It only works when I restart the computer. This is a bit annoying because I'd like to just click and hide or make the keyboard appear, not have to minimize or close/reopen it constantly.
After rebooting it works fine until I use Photoshop, and works for various time periods but will still just stops listening to the stylus button click.  Any ideas? Thanks!

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Dec 19 10 10:41 PM

I'm not sure, but given that the function of the button changed from toggling Quickclicks to pan/scroll suggests that it might be a tablet driver problem. You might try reinstalling the driver (available from Wacom).

Alternatively, it may be a conflict. You can set Quickclicks to toggle on and off in response to either Mouse button 2 (right), 3 (middle), 4, or 5. It may be that Photoshop (and other apps) may intercept one of those mouse buttons and do something else in response. Try changing your set up so Quickclick responds to a different mouse button and adjust your tablet preferences accordingly and see if that helps.


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