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Nov 19 10 6:05 AM

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Hi all,

I came across a pretty cool service: 3D-prints, i.e. 3D models that become real world parts, that can be ordered online.

Now I've always wanted a stand for my modbook that can stay attached to it and that unfolds as soon as I need to put the modbook on a table. So after some hours I managed to build a printable model using Google Sketchup (great piece of software for mechanical construction and CAD).

The first prototype - ready for print and order - can be found here:

Now while I'm very excited myself (will order first copy today) I must speak some warning words to anyone attempting to order this stand:

- This is a prototype that needs testing
- The U-shaped supporting part (dark-grey thing in the back) is NOT a part of the 3D-print an needs to be manufactured separately and attached. I suggest you use a 4mm steel rod and bend it accordingly.
- If you happen to order this before I get my first copy please share your experience here on the modbookish forum :)
- Again, you've been warned: I haven't tested this design in real world so think twice before ordering it.

Having this said I'm curious about your feedback. I'll share my experience with the prototype as soon as I recieve the first sample.

And last but not least: what other modbook gadgets dou you think can be 3D-printed?

Regards, Marin

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Nov 19 10 2:42 PM

Way Cool!

Great stand and very interesting service. It is out of my price range at the moment, but once you get it in mass production ... 

My stand ideas are much more modest. I've thought about making the following stand out of wood:

but it could be made from a very rigid plastic. As the designer do you get a discount?


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Nov 20 10 6:40 AM

More modest? This is quite ingenious - less material, a lot simpler construction... The only drawback ist that it doesn't really attach in a seamless way (that was my design goal). But I can't stop thinking about prototyping one of those, too (not via shapeways, though). The elegance of it's simplicity strikes me :))

Unfortunately I don't know of any rebates as a designer.

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Jul 2 11 9:37 PM

Would it be possible to make a vesa mount this way???  If the middle was solid and had the vesa thing on the back, and you put a little lip on the bottom so you could push it down to detach it (to disengage the bottom clip).  I wish I could design it myself, but it's a bit out of my league.  I'd love to me able to clip it in and out of an articulated arm mount...

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