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Oct 27 10 7:20 PM

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Now that I have two AppleScriptObjC projects (PenPressurizer & AutoHideKeyboard) under my belt, I thought I'd try a some more ambitious stuff. I would really like to work on a screen scribble app or a good way to annotate Keynote or PowerPoint, but I think that is still a bit beyond me at this point.

So I'm going to try to rewrite the Tablet Calibration scripts to make them easier to use and apply some clever mathematics on the calibration data to improve the resulting tablet calibration.

I'm also going to create a little tool bar to access modifier keys (control, shift, option, & command) as discussed in the “Better Control of Modifier Keys” post, with a goal of eventually creating something akin to express keys for the Modbook.

I welcome any comments or suggestions.


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Nov 4 10 8:20 AM

I know this might be close to impossible but i always wished there was some way to make my intuos 4 pen work for my Modbook. I have the Axiotron pen that does work fairly well compared to the stock pen that comes with the Modbook, but the look and feel of the the Intuos 4 pen is far superior. I am no genius but i know there are people out there who crack codes to make different devices work compatively. Again this might just be a far off dream.

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