Oct 26 10 8:13 AM

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Hello, I'm an avid modbook user and I thought I should say hi. I bought my modbook for veterinary school about six months ago and I absolutely love it. 

After having a whole summer to play with it, I've had a chance to try out many programs and decide what I like and I don't like.  A few of these I discovered on this forum, and a few I have not seen here or not given enough attention. Here are two programs I use often.  I'd love other people to try them out and tell me what you think.

Curio 7: This program has been the heart of everything I use my modbook for at school.  It's truly the answer to OneNote for mac.  I'm able to organize my notes by class and lecture, write on pdf files, take handwritten notes, and I still don't think I've discovered everything I can do with it.  Curio has recently received an update that allows the use of "tabs" for different classes.

Trampoline: I'm very surprised I have not seen this launcher application mentioned anywhere (if I'm wrong I apologize).  It's absolutely perfect for the modbook.  You assign it to one of your side buttons and when pressed a radial menu opens beneath your cursor.  This menu can be customized to include any application or file you wish.  I use it now instead of the dock.

I also draw quite a bit on my modbook, so I hope to be posting some examples of my drawings sometime.

Hope to be talking with you guys more soon. :)