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Sep 30 10 3:52 PM

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Last week, Nuance, the maker of the excellent speech recognition app for PC’s, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, has finally released a version for the Mac, Dragon Dictate.

Speech recognition has been available for the Mac from MacSpeech which first produced iListen and then created MacSpeech Dictate, using technology licensed from Nuance. Judging, however, from user comments in their forums and elsewhere, their software has been buggy, hard to use, and way out-classed by Nuance's stuff. 

This spring, Nuance bought MacSpeech, and I have been waiting for them to release their own version of Dictate for the Mac. It looks pretty good with much better recognition, substantial voice control for your Mac, and a better user interface. This is a potentially valuable tool for us keyboard-less Modbook users. The drawbacks: the price is $179.99 and it is Snow Leopard only. 


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Oct 1 10 9:06 AM

There is a free version of this application--much pared-down, of course, available as an iPhone and iPad app. It works, but it can be a bit tricky, and you have to go back and edit what you dictated to it.

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