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Sep 14 10 3:27 PM

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I've only rarely used the GPS in my Modbook — it is so damn fussy. It works only outside where there are absolutely no obstructions.

Does anyone have better luck? If so, what do you use your GPS for?

Has anyone linked into SkyHook

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Sep 14 10 10:42 PM

I never actually used it since i dont know any free software i can use to get maps lol and also in how long it takes until i get a signal from the gps... So if you know a free software that has maps let me know.

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Dec 19 10 1:20 AM

Is there an app out there that would allow me to use this for geotagging pictures?  I've never done it before, but I am thinking about starting... I was thinking about getting one of those wifi SD cards to send the pics I took to the modbok and then adding the geotag (maybe even automatically?).

It would be nice if I could get some use out of the thing!

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Feb 24 11 6:34 PM

Hey all,

I was playing with google earth pro, and found that the GPS works flawlessly.  I was able to plot my location, even indoors, and, to my suprose, in our local mall.  I ran it in the car and it worked great!

If anyone knows how to use the google maps (online) style roadmaps in google pro, I'd be forever grateful.

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Feb 25 11 1:51 PM

I think that th econversion process for the macbook to the modbook was such a traumatic event that it turned me against the computer, I'm beginning to appreciate it more now. Glad to see that this application works.

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