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Sep 8 10 5:04 PM

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Dave Davidson, a.k.a. RenderPimp, who does stunningly photorealistic 3D modeling, has recently picked up a Modbook and did a brief review.

Coming from a Windows tradition, he tried to turn his Modbook over to the dark side, but was unhappy with the lack of pressure sensitivity (an issue, which I thought was resolved). He bought his Modbook off Ebay, and it appears to have a couple minor hardware issues. He finds the Modbook a bit heavy and is annoyed by Quickscript's endless fidgeting — aren't we all. Overall, however, he likes it.

His take away:

Basically the modbook is like the Ipads big brother where the ipad is a sexy sister and the modbook is the Ugly fat geeky brother that knows a lot and can do more than his sister (if you get me :) no looks but gets the job done )

Seems fair.

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