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Sep 3 10 5:25 PM

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I've noticed in my few days with a modbook that the jumping cursor problem (while caused by interference) is isolated to the top left corner, but not entirely including the Apple menu. I've also noticed that the error behaves identically to stylus movement in that the cursor skips immediately from point A to point B, then hover clicks. Might we, by means of a script, be able to disable input in the menu bar from the left third of the Apple menu to the left corner, thus forcing the ignorance of erroneous input?

My belief is that preventing natural cursor input in that area (without diminishing usability) would also block the artificial and erroneous input because they are perceived identically by the digitiser board.

Any thoughts?   

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Sep 4 10 11:23 AM

If you blocked (somehow) clicks in the upper left corner of the display, it would certainly diminish usability. An alternative, that might be possible, is using some display magic (SwitchResX might be able to do this) adjust the display so that the desktop does not go all the way into the corner, leaving a line of unused display across the top and down the left side. Then a recalibration of the tablet would provide the result you want. It would be a mighty ugly solution though. 

If we could just get better shielding around the power plug and switch, we probably would not have a problem.

Incidentally, restarting the pen tablet driver is known to provide temporary relief during a jumping cursor attack. This AppleScript will accomplish that:

do shell script "killall PenTabletDriver"

delay 0.5

tell application "PenTabletDriver"


end tell


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Sep 10 10 2:47 PM

You might want to check out this forum post:

I have strong reasons to believe the jumping cursor (or djc, as some call it - Dreaded Jumping Cursor) is largely an RF issue between the Magsafe, the reset buttons, and the other RF related components.  Be sure to check out the photos that show how easy it is to fix this problem.  You will probably be shocked to hear that it can be solved with...  DUCT TAPE!  (Yes, I am serious!!!)

I did it, and it WORKED!

My Modbook is healed, and your's can be too.



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