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Aug 27 10 9:31 AM

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Hi There,

This is not a Modbook question, but everyone here seems so knowledgeable, I thought I would ask your advice.

I am in charge of 150 students, and I am trying to find a way to keep track of all of the information pertaining to them. Bento allows me to easily find phone numbers and email addresses, but I was hoping to find an application that would allow me to collect and organize all of the documents relevant to each kid.

In my dream world, I would love to have a spreadsheet-like database of all of the students. Each kid's row would contain a bunch of hyper-linked cells that would perform various functions. For example, if I clicked on a student name, a separate window would pop open with heath information, academic notes, discipline notes, and so on. Is there such an application out there, or do I want too much?


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Aug 27 10 6:02 PM

It has been a long, long time since I've played with FileMaker (Bento's big daddy), but I think that it can do what you want. If so, you may also be able to do that with Bento and the right custom template.

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