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A link guide for new Modbookish visitors in the style of the web circa 1995:

The Axiotron Saga

Deep Discounts for Deep Doo-doo

More Deep Doo-doo for Axiotron

Waiting for the Modbook Pro

The Axiotron Death Watch

Modbook Artists

Notable ModBook Artists

A Month with a Modbook

Interview with Modbook Artist Ray Dillon

Dexter Caseres creates a Christmas card with his Modbook.

Buying a Modbook

Holiday Modbook Buyer's Guide

Gainsaver (Beware)

Servicing Your own ModBook

An amazing do it yourself Modbook Upgrade

The dreaded jumping cursor... A possible resolution? 

D.I.Y. Guide to Modbook RF Shielding 

Modbook Accessories

Stands for the Modbook

Typing on a Modbook in your lap

Modbook Stand 

Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm 

Louie del Carmen enjoys his new Axiotron Studio Pen

So you got a ModBook, how about a case?! 

A Tablet Driver for Snow Leopard

Wacom's New Tablet Driver works in the Modbook

Useful Software for the Modbook

Hey all, Dylan from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada here! — Dylan's List of Useful Apps

Wacom's ‘Mini’ apps work on the Modbook

Display Rotation

MacFlip: A Free Accelerometer-based Display Rotation App — for NVIDIA Modbooks only

Tutorial: Creating Your Own Services and Keyboard Shortcuts

Web Page Rotation in Safari: portrait orientation for older Modbooks

Reading PDFs


SkimFlip: Accelerometer-based Document Rotation for Older Modbooks

Notetaking and PDF annotation

Vision Objects' MyScript Studio is, uh, Interesting?

Annotate pdf files

Writing on a PDF

Making the Modbook more useful

Quickscript  — Better handwriting recognition 

Custom Keyboards for Quickclicks

ModKeys — A software key panel to replace Express Keys

Replacing keyboard shortcuts with Gestures

Pen Gestures on the Modbook


Replacing keyboard shortcuts with Ed Keys 

Better Tablet Calibration Through AppleScript — Improved Pen Tablet Calbribration

PenApt: Modbook Pen Settings That Vary By App — Application Specific Pen Tablet Settings

PenPressurizer — improved control over your tablet's pressure sensitivity

Hiding the virtual keyboard


Auto-Hide for Axiotron Quickclicks Virtual Keyboard

An AppleScript for Switching Displays — Using multiple displays with your Modbook

Running Windows on a Modbook 

Modbook Problems

Jumping Cursor

ModBook Heat problems

The dreaded Jumping Cursor

Jumping Cursor Solution Idea

The dreaded jumping cursor... A possible resolution? 

D.I.Y. Guide to Modbook RF Shielding 

System no longer thinks it is a ModBook (Resolved)

Jagged diagonal lines (Resolved, mostly)

Unsolved Problem: Installing Windows on a Modbook with No Optical Drive (Now Solved)

Modbook Pressure Sensitivity Problems on Win 7 [Resolved]