Jul 26 10 9:59 PM

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I've been considering AppleScripting the Wacom Tablet something of a dark art since I've been unable to find any documentation. The TabletDriver application does not appear in the AppleScript Editor’s list of dictionaries. Thus, I've been figuring stuff out by reverse engineering Wacom's example script, googling the very few other people doing Wacom scripting, and doing lots of guessing. 

This afternoon, it occurred to me why the AppleScript Editor fails to list the Wacom dictionary. It can't find the application, which is hiding at ‘/Library/Application Support/Tablet/PenTabletDriver.app’. When I pointed AppleScript Editor’s dictionary browser at the app, the dictionary documenting tablet scripting opened. I'm so dumb sometimes.

So, if anyone else has had similar trouble, I'm making a PDF of the dictionary available: TabletDriverAppleScript.pdf