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Jul 8 10 7:56 PM

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Hi there,

I have had my modbook for it seems an eternity and have loved it until I installed 10.6.4  Initially I had no problems but after a little bit I am often (read minimum once a day) experiencing that the cursor movement with the pen input becomes sluggish and kind of responds in a fluid slow-motion.  If I switch to a mouse the problem is no longer apparent.  So I guess it has to do something with the pen driver.  I have installed the latest Wacom driver to try to alleviate the problem to no avail.  I did a backside swap about 4months ago a la nervouschimp but had no problems until recently........  Has anyone experienced a similar problem? and in that case found a solution?

thanks for your thoughts on this

felix b.

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Jul 9 10 11:39 AM

I have in the past experienced behavior similar to what you describe. It occurred only in certain applications, namely, FormulatePro and Circus Ponies Notebook. The problem cleared up for me after one of the later Leopard updates (10.5.7 ?), and I haven't seen it since. My Modbook is also running 10.6.4 now. Just before posting, I tried both FormulatePro and Circus Ponies Notebook, and neither have any pen sluggishness.

Is your cursor sluggish everywhere or just in some applications? I imagine you have already looked at Activity Monitor for any weird background processes or anything else odd going on. Maybe try restarting the PenTabletDriver or reinstalling it. That is all I can think of. Anyone else have any ideas?

Update: I was, it turns out, able to reproduce pen sluggishness with FormulatePro, but I had To turn on Ink and configure it with "HoId the lower button to Ink", which conflicts with my setting in Pen Tablet Preferences (hold command key down). So some more questions:  Are you using Apple's Ink? and How is it configured?

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