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Jun 24 10 8:33 PM

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I often use my Modbook for reading. Although I own an older Modbook without NVIDIA graphics, I can still enjoy reading PDFs in portrait orientation using Skim and SkimFlip. Unfortunately, much of my reading is on the web, and portrait orientation is not available in Safari.

Well, it seems as though there isn't anything that can't be hacked. Using a simple Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), you can rotate a whole web page. Safari's Preferences, in the Advanced tab, allow you to use a custom style sheet for viewing web pages. 

If you use a style sheet with the following code, 

html {

-webkit-transform: rotate(270deg) translate(-5570px, 0px) ;

-webkit-transform-origin: 0% 0%;



save it with a ‘.css’ extension, and choose it as the default CSS in Safari. Then the web looks like this:

and this:

I've also found it convenient to shrink the web page slightly when I rotate it using this CSS:

html {

-webkit-transform: rotate(270deg) translate(-4740px, 0px) scale(0.85);

-webkit-transform-origin: 0% 0%;



This is definitely a hack. It breaks websites that use a lot of JavaScript or Flash (like Axiotron's forum). After you're rotated some web pages, you may have to scroll over a ways to find the start of the page, but, mostly, it works.

I've included both CSS files as downloads:

rotate90.css and rotate90r.css


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