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Jun 22 10 7:43 PM

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I've recently discovered Wacom is offering a bunch of small, free applications that they call ‘Minis’ to go with their Bamboo line of pen tablets. It appears that these little apps are completely compatible with the Modbook. So if you have a spare hour, you may want to check them out.   

They come bundled in the Bamboo Dock application which you can download from Wacom's Bamboo Mini site. The Bamboo Dock is pictured below:

They have a cute collection of simple drawing apps, a simple animation app, a map app, which is a simplified, pen-based Google Earth, a couple miscellaneous social network apps, and some games. They are all built on Adobe Air. So your fans will be running full bore, and the user interface is weird. Nonetheless, worth a look. After all, they are free.

The Landmarker Mini (the maps app):

Note that I'm running Wacom's latest Pen tablet driver, 5.2.1-3. If you are still using Axiotron's driver. The Bamboo Dock may not work. I don't know. If you need to, you can download the new driver from:

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