May 19 10 12:20 PM

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In a previous forum post, Dylan was looking for a way to make Axiotron's Quickclicks easier to use: 

[…]  if there was a way to anchor the keyboard, or make it autohide like the dock, that would be marvey!

I've been playing with that idea for a bit, and I've put together a AppleScript  applet  that roughly fits the bill. 


KeyboardAutoHide is an AppleScript applet that automatically hides the Axiotron Quickclicks keyboard after a preset delay. The keyboard will return to its normal (unhid) location if you hover the mouse/pen briefly over the keyboard's hiding location. 

When you first open KeyboardAutoHide, a preference dialog appears asking you to set the delay time before the keyboard hides. If you do not want the keyboard to automatically hide, but, instead, only want it to hide when you click the window close button, enter zero for the delay time. The dialog box also asks you to position the the keyboard where you want it to hide. If you want to adjust either the delay or the hiding location at a later time, you can access this preference dialog box while the applet is running.

When the app is running, you may use and position the keyboard any way you like. By using or by just hovering the mouse/pen over the keyboard you keep it from hiding. If you are not using it for the preset line delay or if you close the keyboard by clicking the red close button, it will move to its hiding place. Once it is in its hiding location, briefly hovering the cursor over the keyboard causes it the to return to its previous unhid location.

If you want access to the preference dialog box to adjust the time delay or hiding location, hide the keyboard and then hover the pen/mouse over the hiding place and hold it there for a count of four. The preference dialog will then appear.

Download: KeyboardAutoHide.zip [Updated May 19, 2010]

[Note to AppleScripters: With a few strategic adjustments, this applet might be used to auto-hide any chosen window of any application.]