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May 8 10 9:21 AM

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i just saw the forum moved news.

well, the place are moved, but the passion never moved!

i am Ajax Xu from South part of China, now doing Master degree in Australia.

i purchased my Modbook 5 month ago, it's a lot of fun to try a new thing especially the device like modbook which i dreamed of.  However i am disappointing of the iPad, due to the operating system.

btw, i am not doing drawing, i just do some photoshop and reading pdf about my subject.

so grad to join in this community!

thx for Ericn for your fantastic tutorials, i learn a lot from your post topics and tutorials :) . im ur big fan.

an advice. i think it will be a good way to gather more people who hv passion in modbook to join in this community by advertising ourselves freely. like post video in youtube, with a little bit show off. you know, not real show off, but technically like Ericn 's posture command tutorial. when i type modbookish in youtube. it shows No videos found for “modbookish”

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May 8 10 9:48 PM

 I welcome your enthusiasm. It's good to have you aboard again.

The ‘Gesrure’ video is a bit too long for YouTube. Nonetheless, a little promotion certainly wouldn't hurt. A Macflip demonstration would probably make a good video. Though I've still got a couple things in Macflip that I want to play with. Besides, Macflip does not actually work on my first-gen Modbook — someone else would have to make the video.


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