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May 2 10 8:14 AM

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Hi, I'm karlo and I'm college student. I got a Modbook since I found out the ipad was just a big iphone. I use my Modbook to take notes in class draw diagrams and to do some basic drawing at my free time. I join this forum to be able to learn more about my macbook and to meet other macbook owners.

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May 2 10 6:59 PM

I also got my Modbook for college use. While the iPad has worthy uses, its lack of good stylus input makes it unusable for classroom note taking, especially in math or the sciences, where mathematical notation and figure drawings are so important. 

What kind of Modbook do you have? I have an early Modbook, 2.4 GHz, 4 MB memory and (unhappily) Intel graphics. 

If you have note taking software you like (or don't) start a forum topic. I use inkBook, which I have adapted to work, but I'm not thrilled with it. 

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May 2 10 7:39 PM

I have the 2.13 ghz with NVIDIA graphic card. And yah it really is useful in math and science classes. I use the Curio program. it feels the most complete note taking program for me it does recording, pen and pencil writing, making tables and making mind maps (web diagram). Only thing It doesn't have is to be able to convert notes into text which I don't Mind. since notes for math and Science are easyer to read with freestyle handwriting at less to me lol. 

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