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Originally Posted by EricN on March 29, 2010 at 7:23pm

Master Digital Color has done an interview with Modbook artist Ray Dillon. He talks a bit about using Adobe Photoshop with his Modbook, but most of his Modbook comments are in a linked review where he gets right to the heart of the issue, 

PORTABILITY: Now, this is a big one. Something that the Cintiq just doesn’t have. For years, I was lugging around my iBook and Intuos II tablet and trying to work on the road and be portable. Or even just sitting on the couch or doing a bit of work before sleepy-time. It worked okay, but was always a hassle trying to get things set up and not have everything falling off my lap in the car or in a plane.

The Modbook feels like I’m carrying around a sketchbook with all the power and versatility of computer technology and software.

He also notices some important side issues, 

OTHER STUFF: It’s got great backlit screen that doesn’t warp color …

I've used a standard MacBook recently and the color distortion drove me nuts. PC notebooks are as bad or worse. It seems like the only notebooks that display color well are the Modbook and the MacBook Pros, but that is likely to change after the iPad gets out — people will start noticing display quality.

Oh yes, Ray seems to really like the Intelligent Technologies IT Case for the Modbook: