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Apr 19 10 1:33 PM

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Originally posted by EricN on September 21, 2009 at 8:00pm

I’d been meaning to write a blog post on how much fun it is to use a Modbook with Quicksilver and the Abracadabra pen gestures plug-in installed. After I got a ways into it, I realized how inadequate my words were to explain how it works or how cool it is, so I made a screen cast instead. I hope you enjoy it.

Abracadabra Pen Gestures with a Modbook  Uploaded by NitWhit.

Next weekend, I’ll walk through some of the Quicksilver actions and custom scripts that I have attached to gestures. (See Pen Gestures on the Modbook Part Two)

Quicksilver Links:

The Leopard Version (B54) --

The Snow Leopard Version (B56a7+) --

The Quicksilver Quick Reference:


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