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Originally Posted by EricN on September 27, 2009 at 1:26pm

I submitted my first bug to Apple. It took quite a while to figure out where I was expected to file a Bug Report. Searching the Apple site for "Bugs" and "Bug Report" yielded a lot of useless crap. Eventually, I found my way to the developer site and found the URL: http://developer.apple.com/bugreporter/bugrptform.html

Once I found this site, it was easy. I spent a few minute filling in a form and then sent a follow up e-mail with my system profile information ( from /Applications/Utilities/System Profiler.app ). They also alows you to track your bug's progress (towards resolution) if you join the Apple Developer Connection (it's free) and submit your bug at https://bugreport.apple.com

So here's my Bug

Ink fails in Snow Leopard's Dashboard text boxes.

Ink fails in Snow Leopard's Dashboard text boxes.

You can use Apple's Ink system to enter text in into only one text box --- if you move to another text box or move the insertion point to a different spot in the same text box, Ink no longer works.

Steps to Reproduce:
Open Dashboard. Find a widget with a text box. Click in the text box. Use Ink's Write Anywhere services (with a tablet of some kind) to enter text in the box. Occasionally, the Wnite Anywhere service will fail at this point. Often, however, it works. If one, then, uses the mouse/pen to move the cursor to either another text box in the same widget or another point in the same text box, the Wnite Anywhere service will fail. If you relaunch the Dashboard, Ink's Write Anywhere services will work again until you once again move the cursor.

How are results different from what you expected:
Ink's Write Anywhere services should work in the Dashdoard the same way it works in the rest of the system.

If the Write Anywhere service works in the first text box, and you move the cursor to a different text box in a DIFFERENT widget, Write Anywhere usually continues to work.