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Originally Posted by EricN on September 9, 2009 at 7:00pm

I miss the old Modbook Arts site. In the winter and spring of 2008, as Axiotron shipped its first Modbooks — some 10 to 12 months later than originally announced — there formed around the Modbook Arts gallery and forum a community of brand-new Modbook owners and those patiently, and not so patiently, waiting for their Modbook to arrive. Everyone was anxiously looking for news of a another Modbook’s arrival and what the new owner thought of it. It was an active, fun, and excitable group.

Unhappily, the creator of the site, as well as a number of others, got tired of waiting and grew discouraged with Axiotron’s unwillingness to communicate with its customers. She cancelled her Modbook order and abandoned the site. The community hung on into summer, but it was a sadder place after that.

Well, all things must end. We have lives to live. I had received my Modbook in May ‘08 — after a mere 5 months of waiting. I had about a month and a half to enjoy my new Modbook before my year of hell was to begin. I have never worked so hard in my life. I got my B.S. in Math. I have finally emerged and realized, among other things, that I have a pretty cool computer. It isn’t perfect. I’ve had to futz with it a bit. I went though four distinct approaches to note taking before I got it right. I’ve got a bunch of Applescripts to make things easier, and I’ve got Quicksilver to help. Nonetheless, I’m generally quite happy, and I want to spread the joy.