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Jan 21 13 9:18 AM

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I just got the Modbook last week. (Super good deal from Power Max) And I am going through the paces of making it mine. I upgraded it to Snow Leopard so I would have the App Store and install Lion. That was when I noticed the Tablet Driver for the Modbook is 32 bits. I know that when I put Lion on my Mac Pro, it killed all 32 bit and/or Power PC Apps. So my question is, is there a way to run Lion on a Modbook or am I stuck in Snow Leopard?

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Jan 28 13 6:03 PM

I'm running 10.7 Lion on ModBook 2009. Bamboo driver 5.2.5-3

Later driver versions did not work on my setup. YMMV

32-bit apps run on Lion, but not Power PC ones; latter require Rosetta, not available from Lion on.

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